Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Watch Them Grow

Guess what? School's back!

Ok yeah. Happy dance. (You've seen that pic floating around on FB where the kids are lined up with glum faces while the mom is jumping in the air with a big ole grin? Yeah, that's so me.)

I know, some may think "how cold is that? Doesn't she love her children?"

Absolutely! But I'm not one to get too sappy at this time of year.

Wrote a little poem for ya:
Watch Them Grow
Alarms ding, faces beam
Bells ring, shoes gleam.
Buses rumble, Desks glisten,
Leaves tumble, Students listen.
Moms with tears, moms who cheer,
Either way, this time is dear.
I Love my kids but I can say
I’m rather happy for this day.
Schedules, quiet, early bedtime
“School starts today,” is the headline.
Time for learning, growing, changing.
I find this so awe-inspiring.
They will return at end of day,
Bright faces, smiles, with much to say.
I don’t get sad to see them go
Because I love to watch them grow.

Welcome to Third Grade, Second Grade, and Kindergarten, respectively.

Look at those cuties with goofy faces. :D

Their choice in outfits is killer.

  • George chose old clothes (not the new shirt) "because he likes these clothes." Well, ok then.
  • Koko is just.. um.. a future heartbreaker, and the outfit (that yes, **I** let her buy, and may have even picked out for her) is just, well, so ... grownup. sigh.
  • And Miss Cheeks, well, she's channeling Kiss (think old rockers with big hair and spandex) with her fuzzy shirt and silver leggings. Love it.
Now maybe I'll get around to blogging about our summer fun. lol


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