Thursday, August 30, 2012


I'm tired. Thankfully, we're at the end of a very. long. summer. Which is good cuz this mama needs a break. Not that it'll be all bon bons and soaps cuz the two most-maintenance-required ones will still be at home, but at least it will be less. Less noise. Fewer bodies. Hopefully a better work schedule for the Mr. And the little ones are easier to please.

I know God had a plan and reasons for blessing me with so many children, but sometimes I question his sanity, because of the lack of mine.

I'm sure that I contribute (heftily) to my own misery but I have always been a procrastinator and a poor time manager, among other things, so I don't know if this is His way of getting me to change that or just torture me.

Currently, lots of torture, not much change.

Please understand, I do say all this with some edge of sarcasm. But also some sincerity.

I've had a rough year, just personally, nothing bad that's happened really. Just growing older, sorting through my life's worth of baggage, hormone shifts, pounds I'm unsuccessfully trying to shed, plus 5 kids and a marriage to manage. It's a lot to... well, manage.

So sorry for my lack of posting, and my negative attitude today. It hasn't been all bad or humdrum. We've had some fun. I just have to find the time and energy to share it.

Maybe tomorrow, when my house is all cleaned.

(yes, that is me you hear laughing)

Maybe you can leave a comment and tell me the fun you've been having and the struggles you've faced. It's good to share both. Not just one or the other. The good can get others excited or smiling or help us realize the good we have in our own lives, the struggles to help us all realize we're not alone in them. So, do tell!


..........crickets .......................


I'm  w a a a i i i t t t i i i n n n g g g !

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  1. Well you know I am feeling your pain. Thanks for your comment on the DD