Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Literal Misunderstanding

I wish I had a mini voice recorder. I can't tell you how many blog posts I make in my head while washing dishes, how many random, crazy things my kids say that I wish could be preserved forever. Unfortunately, my mind is a wasteland and there seems to be no memory capacity left. sigh. Motherhood? Lack of sleep? Aging? All of the above?

This just happened and I flew to jot it here.

I'm pulling a cooked pizza out of the oven. Cheeks is sitting at the table and says:

Cheeks: I thought we were having pizza.
Me: We are.
Cheeks: I thought we were having frozen pizza.
Me: This is frozen pizza.
Cheeks: No, I mean still frozen.
I look at her like she's crazy.
Cheeks: What? It's really good.

Because she would know since she's eaten frozen pizza like, sooo many times.

As in... never.

Lol. Love how literal kids are sometimes.

The end. :D


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