Wednesday, January 4, 2012

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Man, do I have a night owl. It's 9:42 (it was when I was started writing this) and George is still putzing around upstairs, listening to his radio. I could probably bust him with the light on... And I did. Yep. Paging thru a book, music blaring. Ok, not blaring, but it's loud for trying to sleep. And he wonders why he's tired when I wake him up for school.


I am quite possible addicted to these:
But selling them at $10 a bag? I think that's a little excessive. I'm sure I paid under $3 bucks. And it's definitely worth $3 bucks.

These are fabulous too.
See a theme?

But again, $11.95? Really, people?


I don't like Seattle's Best coffee. Or Folgers. So far, I'm good with Millstone's Hazelnut Cream. Most days though, I will shamelessly say I'm happy with my milk / Nescafe instant coffee latte-like concoction.


I took Huggyface to the doc today yesterday. It was the doc's first day back from maternity leave. Man, if we could all look that good after 10 weeks. (Have I mentioned, btw, how much I love my ped? She's awesome. A much appreciated improvement over the last she-devil ped we had. If you want the story, just ask.) Anyway. Boy's growing like a weed, walking a-a-l-l-l-l over the exam room, wearing the stethescope like he's in charge. He's just not a baby anymore. sniffle sniffle. At 13 months and 4 days, he weighs in at 22 lbs 8 oz (37%) and 29 1/2 inches (28%). The part I can't figure out is combining height to weight ratio he ranks at 78th percentile. I'd say she got it wrong but the computer does it all for you I think. Computer wrong? 

Since we delayed vacc's with Huggyface (and Boots), we started those today yesterday. Also, since I apparently didn't keep up on things with Boots, and upon filling out preschool registration paperwork realized he hadn't had his MMR yet (oops!), I asked about him too. W-e-e-l-l-l, I got them both signed up for shots galore. I had Boots go first for his 3 shots. He did AMAZING with the first. No crying. Just sort of matter-of-factly said "Ouch. That hurt." I was shocked, and impressed. But shots 2 and 3 in the other arm were not quite as fun, with #3 (the MMR, I believe) burning and bringing quite the rush of tears and screaming. Sorry, fella. Huggyface was next and did as well as could be expected with his 3. Once we left the doc's, though, we hit up Micky D's for some much needed ice cream cone consolation. Sorry, poor Huggy. None for you. Too messy to let you man it alone in the car.


We have a couple picky eaters in our house. George being the most picky, and each other monkey having certain things they don't like. Generally, I don't fight it. One of the battles I choose not to pick. I do make them try things, but after trying a certain number of times, I just know that this kid won't eat gravy, another one tomatoes, the next hot dogs. George has been trying "new" things lately. After last years turnaround on mashed potatoes, we have gotten him to be more open to things he thought he didn't like. Most recently it's rice. The kid will eat noodles like crazy (although for a long time it was only certain shaped noodles - they're all the same, buddy!) I accidentally put some rice on his plate, just a spoonful, and told him he could suffer through tasting it. He asked if he could put butter on it, which I obliged, and blammo, he likes rice now. Boots, he won't eat it at all. George and Cheeks also switched side on cucumbers, which George now enjoys and Cheeks refuses to eat. Go figure. Boots could eat his weight in fresh fruits and veggies if you let him. Koko is the one with refined tastes and while she refuses things like chicken nuggets, hot dogs, and occasionally mac-n-cheese, she will be the first one to volunteer to eat shrimp, Chinese food even if it's spicy, or some kind of sauce that only adults are eating. (Diva in process?) Huggy is also quite picky, which can be normal in babies just trying new foods, but I think he also has texture issues. Gre-e-e-a-a-at. He still prefers that I feed him, has a preference for sweets, and a dislike for meats. I have found, though, that putting food on his tray and walking away, not checking to see if he eats, has worked in getting him to eat things he might not prefer, to, say, applesauce and squash (his favorite). Since George won't eat any cooked vegetables, we eat a LOT of crudites. Broccoli, celery, carrots, cukes. With Ranch. Last night at supper, as Huggy was picking at his butter beans and chicken chunks, I threw a tiny piece of broccoli on his tray. Butter my buns and call me a biscuit if that kid didn't eat it. So I gave him more. I find it completely ironic that picky eaters will eat raw broccoli, the supposed most hated vegetable by kids. George also likes raw spinach. I don't understand it, I just serve it. And cheer!


I really need to buy a mini voice recorder or something. I can't tell you how many funny things my kids will say, and I'll be darned if I can't even remember it long enough to find pen and paper. I had a blog post started, but by the time I started to type out what 'she' said, I'd forgotten. It was really good, too. You're sad you missed it, huh?


Again I'll leave you with a video, this time of my cutie patootie Huggy boy. I think I missed all opportunities for the feet documentary, and even first steps videos. But this one captures him still in his early walker phase, drunken sailor / caveman stance and all. Plus, can I just brag for a minute that one of his first words is Thank You? Mama, Dada, cracker, hat, go and Thank you. That's right. Proof positive that we really do try to teach our children manners. And as you will see, he makes this goofy, hammin' it up for the camera face that is just hilarious, and we try to get him to do it all the time. Glad it's recorded here for ya'll. 

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  1. My kids demolished those candy cane kisses & the peppermint marshmallows?! oh yeah! Of course, I've also got a few pumpkin spice left, the gingerbread, regular...I think I have a marshmallow problem.