Sunday, April 10, 2011


I wrote some down today. The Cheek-isms.

On our way to church, in the car:
"I've got a big snort on me." (post snort)
During church (she did not want to go to the nursery and so she sat in service with me. I gave her a pen and paper to help keep her occupied, and we were practising her name, me trying to help her correctly write her letters):
"That's how you make a flat 'b'."
A "flat" 'b', huh?

During the car ride home from church (just out of the blue):
"Mommy, what the heck is a naught word?"
To which I replied, after defining what a naughty word is, "It's when you say words like damn and frickin. Those are words that don't sound nice coming out of a little girl's mouth." Words she has used in public. Once, but it was bad timing. sigh. (I know, I know. WHo's to blame? Yeah, me. :P )


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