Wednesday, May 5, 2010


because I'm so original...

I'm copying Alece at Grit and Glory, and making a "cinco de me-o" list. Since I've never done anything like this on my blog, why not? :D

You know you're dying to know random facts about me.

Here goes...
  1. My toes have a mind of their own. They just move, independently of me. Or, rather, without my intention.
  2. I hate lotion. It's slimy, greasyness. I prefer to not use lotion, though I know it has great benefits. Namely soft skin.
  3. I have been blessed with 4 children who have eczema, or, at the least, seriously dry skin, and require an application of lotion/cream/oil at least once daily (actually, it should be 3 times daily). Because of the aforementioned aversion, they're lucky to get it once a day, and often times my (unnamed) child's booty looks like leprosy. (hangs head in shame).
  4. I used to be a cuddler. Then I became a mom. Now I don't want anyone touching me when I'm sleeping. If my husband and I so much as touch toes, we both jerk away. (Note: this does not apply to newborns under 3 months.)
  5. I don't like anyone folding my laundry. (Strangely, I'm not an anal folder, either, it's just the way I fold vs the way you fold.) I'm not normally a control freak, but this is one thing that I can't handle. And when the drawers get messed up, grrr. I wanna see heads roll. But... I can't. I just grumble and straighten. Given the state of drawers in the 4 others in this household that dress themselves, I'd better get over it and fast.
  6. Addendum... Can I do 6? I like "justified." You know, when you set your side justification to either left, right center or "justified"? Yeah, it's so clean, and tidy. And I forget to do that almost everytime, and have to go back to a post and justify it. Bugs me when other bloggers don't do that. Sometimes I will be reading and want to go in and justify it myself. Then I realize it's not my blog. Yes, I've accepted I'm a weird perfectionist. I've gotten used to it.
So what about you? Tell me. I'm dying to know.

Ok, not really dying. I just said that for effect. And a comment or two maybe? Pretty please!


  1. huuuuuuge bummer about the lotion/eczema dilemma!

    and i like justified in any kind of print project... but not for my blog. kind makes me chuckle that it freaks you out though! ;)

  2. Just came over from Alece's blog...

    Let's see if I can think of 5 more random things.

    1. Every day this year I've listened to the Daily Audio devotional podcast. It's my personal goal to interact the entire Bible in the year through this medium.

    2. I am more confident in my internet persona than I am in person.

    3. Whenever I see a new webcomic I like I feel like I ALWAYS have to read the entire archive to catch up.

    4. I'm soooo absentminded.... I can't stick to one thing for very long....

    5. I worked really hard to get into the IT sector, but now that I'm here I really want to travel the world and be an itinerant minister. Go figure.

  3. My next post will be justified - in honor of you! :)

    Oh, and as we know - I'm there with you on the slimy, greasy lotion thing!