Sunday, April 5, 2009

Go figure.

So today was Palm Sunday. The church I go to is not particularly liturgical in it's ways, but occasionally they throw something, in some form or another, in, that could be seen as liturgical, but only slightly, usually. Today was one of those days.

Lil'D is sick with a bad cold so he stayed home with Daddy so as not to miss nap time. The older 3 and I barreled our way thru what was supposed to be 5 inches of snow (Ha. Ha. I knew we wouldn't really get any.) My intention was to read the kids a bible story about Palm Sunday, so they would know going in what it was about. Well, seeing as the "Easter Bunny" is getting them kids' Bibles for easter, I was unable to find another book in our house that included it. And, surprise surprise, I ran out of time. So I did my lamest best to recount the story in a kid-friendly fashion, in the car, on the way to church, screaming from the front. ahem. :D Hosanna. Jesus is Coming.

Once at church, the kids come down the isle, I scooted to the front, tried to get a few shots on my snappy camera, and ended up down in front with all 3 of my babes at my side. Cheeks was totally not into waving her "palm" frond (it looked more like some type of fern branch, but who's picky). I even got to have one. So there we are, in the front, and I start bawling. What is that all about?? Isn't Palm Sunday a joyous occasion? Aren't God's people celebrating His arrival? And what am I doing, in front of 100+ other people??? Crying. Whyyyy should I be surprised. This is me, I'm talking about, Mrs. Rainstorm in da hawss. Whatever.

So really, what's that all about? God's grace surely has something to do with it, since that usually has something to do with it. Praising Jesus with my children at my side? The Glory in his coming? The knowledge of the suffering he was to endure? The humility in knowing that he did that for me? Dunno.

What I do know is that God is stirring in me, lately, and in those around me. But what I also see, and need to constantly remind myself, and prepare for, is that satan also is stirring especially hard in those times. Exciting. And scary.

Have a happy Holy Week. Jesus IS coming.


  1. I hope that you and your family have a blessed Easter.

  2. I can honestly say i really havn't seen your blog! what a good friend huh! but anyways i think sometimes it hits us that in the midst of the palm celebration they were already turning on Jesus. and how often we put on the face of celebration when really inside we are calling for his death! I know for me that is sometimes how i feel. sorry to get so serious but anyways i pray you had a wonderful Easter and hopefully we will soon see those beautiful babies of yours!

  3. Did I mention to you that when you read on Good Friday..I was barely holding back the tears? Then you cried..and forgeddaboudit! And it wasn't even delicate pretty crying either. No.. this was sinus infection already clogging the nose snot choking sobs. Thank Heavens for Kevin's shirt! :o) love ya!!!

  4. I was looking for mom bloggers in my area and I stumbled across your blog and noticed that you go to a Vineyard church! We do too - in Boise, Idaho! I'm Jannifer on twitter - if you ever want to contact me.